Berutti Paolo

Paolo Berutti Agricultural Holding is a little business aimed to produce wines of uncompromised high quality, balanced and enjoyable to drink, especially dedicated to personal enjoyment.

It arises from the great passion of the owner and his desire to produce premium wines, by personally taking care of the whole process, from the management of vineyards to the care of finished and packaged products. The size of the company allows the owner to personally manage every processing stage.
The winery is only and strictly managed by the owner: every single bottle passes in his hands in a wine making process that combines the artisan care and passion with new technologies and biotechnologies, while respecting the tradition and the naturalness of the product with the support of new processing methods.
The history of this business is Paolo Berruti’s personal history of his thirty years, as well as the history of his father who managed the farm for fifty years, while he worked as a professional enologist for a great wine company in Canelli, for which he still provides consultancy services.

“My constant wish to produce by myself wines of excellent quality with care and professionalism – as Paolo Berruti says -took me to fulfill a dream that I pursued for a long time. It allowed me to put into practice the knowledge I’ve gained in the years, thanks to my studies (enology degree), my passion, and my constant research and curiosity.”
“My project: searching for balance to get enjoyable wines, reaching wine excellence (quality research starts from the care of vineyard and land but must go on in the winery with careful accuracy, attention, and professionalism), using, in the respect of traditions, creativity and experience to search for innovations and advanced technologies in order to get always the best quality (and more)”.