Berutti Paolo

Alta Langa Rosé


PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE: It’s critical to identify, according to appropriate ripening indices, the proper day to start harvesting grapes in order to get a balanced product, with the appropriate rate of acidity, strength and body. manual, in pierced crates, with grapes selected in the vineyard and immediately put into the pneumatic press.
Grapes are collected and transported to the cellar in crates. Subsequently they undergo a brief maceration and then are gently pressed according to careful manual programs. The savvy usage of biotechnologies and cold allows a slow alcoholic fermentation with a controlled temperature of 13°C in stainless steel tanks. In spring, the resulting wine is put into the bottles where the prise de mousse takes place. Then bottles are staked in appropriate underground galleries where temperature is constantly around 12°C. After years of aging in these underground galleries, our Alta Langa wine is ready for remuage and degorgement operations.

TASTING NOTES: Salmon pink color with copper to crimson reflexes. —intense and complex scents: peel of Pinot Nero grapes mixed with bread crust scents, strong accents of ripened fruits, quince fruits, and red berries. —it’s an enjoyably structured, tasty and soft wine, in perfect harmony with a proper balance of acidity and an important and persistent aftertaste.