The winegrowers are the soul of Alta Langa. They believed in “Spumante Metodo Classico del Piemonte” right from the start, placing their expertise and land at the project’s disposal, planting experimental vineyards and cultivating them to produce grapes to carry out research.

This resulted in the “Gentleman’s Agreement between the producers of Alta Langa”, which assigns the winegrowing families the role of guardians of tradition and keepers of the terroir. The local winegrowers continue to own their land and the Spumante producers guarantee payment for their grapes and their labour.

There are currently over 80 winegrower members. Of course, they all have different types of land, with varying altitudes, positions, exposures and climates. This offers an exciting variability, for wines which create the most prestigious cuvées, in keeping with the territory and the history of Alta Langa.