Alta Langa Docg is the Piedmontese brut spumante. A small appellation with a very long history: it was the first classic method sparkling wine to be made in Italy, from the mid-19th century, in the “Underground Cathedrals” recognised by UNESCO as World Heritage.

It is made with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, either 100% or in variable percentages. It can be white or rosé, brut or pas dosé, and ages on lees for at least 30 months, in compliance with very strict production regulations.

Alta Langa is always a vintage wine, meaning that the year of harvest is always indicated on the label.

Alta Langa bianco features nuances ranging from pale straw yellow to deep gold, and aromas reminiscent of the grapes of origin and citrus fruit, accompanied by scents of crusty bread. The harmonious mouthfeel is delicately savoury.

Alta Langa rosé has a powder pink colour, which can be deeper when the wine is young. Characterised by the aromatic intensity of Pinot Noir, with scents ranging from grapefruit to spices, it has a broad and balanced flavour that lingers on the palate, and the characteristic savouriness of Alta Langa Docg.