Alta Langa DOCG – white or rosé – is a dry, vintage spumante (zero dosage and extra dry can also be found). It is a highly prestigious artisan wine. Approximately 650,000 bottles are produced from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes that are hand-picked and then whole-cluster pressed.

The grapes are grown in vineyards positioned over 250 metres a.s.l., on the hills found on the right side of the Tanaro River, in 146 villages. Ample in its scents and complexity, this spumante ages for a minimum of 30 months in bottles kept in the historic cellars, or over three years to become Reserve.
Alta Langa is always a vintage wine and is therefore produced only during the best vintages: there is no Alta Langa without the vintage being printed on the label.

Tasting a bottle of Alta Langa is a unique experience that will let you discover the style of each producer in interpreting a wonderful land when creating, through the Traditional Piedmontese Method, bubbles that share a common heritage.