Vigna Gatinera 84 mesi – Riserva

The historical Fontanafredda’s Alta Langa “Vigna Gatinera” is produced by following just a few but fundamental rules, which make it unique. 100% Pinot noir from the same land lot, “Vigna Gatinera” is made in a limited amount of bottles, which are disgorged in 4 steps: We start at 72 months, then 84, 96 and finally 108. This kind of handling makes the best out of it: in fact, year after year, thanks to a longer rest on the yeasts the same wine will express itself differenlty. “Vigna Gatinera” is the Alta Langa wine that you can enjoy horizontally or vertically.


DOSAGE: Pas dosé

PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE: The grapes are harvested in the vineyard into 20-kg crates, and taken to the winery where they immediately undergo soft, delicate pressing.
The resulting must is transferred into heat-conditioned tanks for static decantation. The clear must is then divided into two lots: one is left to ferment in stainless steel tanks at a low temperature (16-17°C), while the other goes into barriques to ferment in underground cellars. When the wine in wood has finished its fermentation, it is left on the lees until spring. Then the two lots are blended. A second fermentation takes place in the bottle in May, following which the wine matures on its yeasts in the cool, dark surroundings of the cellar, in keeping with the strictest rules governing the production of Classic Method Sparkling Wine.

TASTING NOTES: In the glass its golden colour with green highlights is accompanied by a very fine and persistent perlage. Deep, complex aromas conjure up white-fleshed fruit, such as peaches and pears, along with toasted nuts and fresh bread. The great structure of pinot noir combines nicely on the palate with the sweet mousse and crisp acidity. A long, lingering aftertaste features luscious, spicy sensations