Poderi Colla

Pietro Colla Blanc de Noirs Extra Brut Alta Langa

In memory of grandfather Pietro, born in 1894, who dedicated his whole life to make sparkling wines by the classic method ofrefermentation in the bottle since 1909, start working at Gancia.

DOSAGE: Extra brut

COMPOSITION OF THE CUVÉE: Pinot noir (minimum 90%) and Nebbiolo.
Vineyards in Cascine Drago in Alba. 31% sand, 46% lime, 23% clay; pH 8.3
Pinot noir planted in 1977 and 2022, Nebbiolo in 2000.

PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE: Fermentation and aging in steel, does not make any passage in wood. Malolactoc usually carried out in the past but in recent warmer vintages no. Draught in spring.

TASTING NOTES: Important full-bodied wine from Pinot noir and Nebbiolo grapes. It is creamy, structured with a balanced acidity that supports its balance.
It is dry in the mouth and is perfect for all-meal pairing.