Riserva Giulio I Brut

Tosti, sparkling wine specialist since 1820, is a family winery for 7 generations.
Tosti has been one of the first piedmontese cellar producing the sparkling Alta Langa just after the disciplinary regulation approval. For the company, indeed, these bubbles are the maximum expression of the Piedmont area.
The name of this Riserva Giulio I, Tosti’s excellence, is a tribute to Giulio Bosca, sixth generation of Bosca family which in the 60s gave both commercial and oenological development to the winery.
The choice of making this vintage our first Riserva comes from the exceptional of 2009.
This year indeed was categorized with a heavy snowfalls winter and a rainy early spring, climatic events that have ensured good water reserves in the ground. The Pinot Noir grapes harvested from the second half of August had a lot of sugar and acidity. An exceptional maturation process. It was clear that 2009 harvest would be confirmed as one of the best in recent years: an outstanding basis for an excellent Metodo Classico Riserva.
Riserva Giulio I bottles are numbered.


PRODUCTION METHOD: The excellence of this Riserva 2009 has its roots in the spectacular vintage that has given perfect Pinot Noir grapes, carefully selected and hand harvested in boxes in the hilly vineyards in the surrounding areas of Canelli at an average height of 350 meters above sea level. A small production obtained from 1.82 hectares of vineyards.
The grapes are gently pressed and squeezed. The must obtained is fermented at the temperature of 14° C for 30 days. Refinment sur lattes with batonnage to obtain the finest perfumes derived from the lysis of yeast cells. The wine is thus ready to start the long aging journey which will bring it in 110 months to acquire a really unexpected freshness in its 6 g / l of sugar.
It is a brut with a limited dosage with a unique freshness feature for this vintage. The dégorgement à la glace usually takes place with the use of a liqueur d’éxpédition refined in wood.

TASTING NOTES: The foam is soft, plentiful. The perlage is thin and persistent. The color is golden yellow, full and bright. The aroma is complex, intense and well-defined. It reveals itself at the beginning with notes of vanilla and pineapple blending harmoniously with touches of yellow fruit and pleasantly toasted notes. The taste is broad, powerful and elegant, with a rich and mineral vein that is captured in the long final persistence.