For England Rosé

For England, a sparkling wine initially produced to delight the driest palates in the British market, today is available in two beautiful expressions of Pinot Noir: Blanc de Noir and Rosé. The salmon pink color of For England Rosé reflects its extreme elegance. Its aromas are precise, with hints of citrus peel and marzipan. On the palate it is intense and well-structured, with notes of peach and thyme. The perlage is creamy and persistent.

Vineyards in Bossolasco.
The upper part of the vineyard is sandy, calcareous, and rich in silt and silicon while the lower part is marly and calcareous

DOSAGE: Pas dosé

PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE: After destemming, the grapes are crused without pressure. From the pressed grape we obtain free run must, which is the most precious part of the juice. The first fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks; followed by almost 9 months of aging again in stainless steel and then the wine is bottled. The second fermentation takes place in bottle and is followed by almost 42 months aging on its lees. Riddling is done by hand.

Color: onion-skin pink
Perfume: hints of wild rose, mandarin and croissant
Taste: fresh and precise, showing notes of lime and marzipan. The perlage is fine and elegant, but persistent.

FIRST VINTAGE PRODUCED: First Rosé produced: 2008 / First Rosé Alta Langa 2013