Bel Colle

Cuvée Valentina

The wine born from the desire to homage the beautiful landscape of high Langa Hill.
The vineyard was one of the first to have been planted in the early 1990s, with a composition of heterogeneous grapes both in clones and rootstocks.
Our Alta Langa it’s perfectly integrated within the terroir, with a clearly distinguishable and markedly territorial profile.
The name is a tribute to my wife Valentina: like her, this wine is: plainspoken, sincere and rich of emotions.

COMPOSITION OF THE CUVÉE: Typically: 90% Pinot Noir, 10% Chardonnay

PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE: The grapes are pressed, without crushing. The first fraction of 5% of must is removed, the flower is extracted up to a maximum of 50%. Fermentation partly in steel and partly in new French oak Allier tonneuax.
In the spring after the assembly, we proceed with the draft and therefore the wine ages for at least 36 months in a thermo-conditioned room at 13° C.
At the disgorgement no sugars are added. This sparkling wine is an extra-brut.

TASTING NOTES: The color is bright golden. The aroma is very intense, complex, with floral and fruity notes. In the mouth is clear, vertical, very typical, elegant and powerful.