F.lli Gancia

Cuvée 36 Mesi Alta Langa Rosé

The innovation of a vintage rosé Metodo Classico sparkling wine, made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes, selected from the best vineyards of the DOCG Alta Langa area, a wine matured on the lees for more than 3 years. Elegantly wrapped in its pink cover, to recall the care by which the Gancia master cellarmen protected the bottles from damage during the transportation on the hillsides around Canelli, since 1865, Gancia Cuvée 36 Mesi Rosé represents a perfect balance of savours and bouquet, an elegant tribute to the beauty of the Alta Langa vineyards, to Italian art and to sparkling wine.


PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE: A very soft pressing takes place in the Marmonnier press, located in the historical Cellars built in the early 1800’s – classified today as a World Heritage site by UNESCO – where the first and best juice is vinified. A part of the Pinot grapes is pressed and left on the skins for maceration. Every single press and batch of juice is fermented in wood barrels and in sealed tanks, at controlled temperature, until the wines are ready for blending (cuvée). The cuvée can then be bottled and added with yeast/sugars for the second fermentation for about 40 days.
The sparkling wine can then age and mature in the Gancia Cellars for at least 36 months.

TASTING NOTES: A sparkling wine with delicate pale pink tinges, with deep scents, Gancia Cuvée 36 Mesi Rosé shows a clean and intense aroma, with citrus and red fruit notes, in a mix of yeast and bread crust. Rich and persistent bubbles, pleasantly dry taste, fresh, well balanced, complex and fresh with pronounced mineral notes.