Blanc de Blancs

The vineyards of Bossolasco are able to give us a unique Chardonnay, that is interesting while young but grows even more interesting for those who are able to wait. Fragrant and refined, the nose recalls notes of flowers and biscotti. The palate is precise and savory, with a very fine and persistent perlage.

Vineyards in Bossolasco.
Calcareous marl, light clay and a good mineral component, particularly silicon.

DOSAGE: Pas dosé

PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE: After destemming, the grapes are placed in the press where a very light pressure is applied. We obtain the free-run must, which is the most precious part of the juice. The first fermentation takes place in control-temperature stainless steel tanks; this is followed with about 8 months of aging also in stainless steel and finally the wine is bottled. The second fermentation takes place in the bottle. It is followed by almost 42 months of aging on the lees. Riddling is done manually.

Color: straw yellow.
Perfume: on the nose it is floral and fragrant, with scents of tropical fruit and orange blossom.
Taste: at first taste it’s elegant and structured, with pleasant notes of white flowers and almond. The perlage is fine and enveloping.

FIRST VINTAGE PRODUCED: First Blanc de Blancs produced: 2005 / First Blanc de Blancs Alta Langa: 2013