Matteo Correggia

Alta Langa Rosé

A vineyard in a splendid amphitheater at an altitude of 650 meters which allows the perfect ripening of grapes suitable for Alta Langa sparkling wine, maintaining the freshness of the aromas and acidity. The choice reflects the desire to pay homage to my family’s past and traditions. My parents are originally from the Alta Langa and the memory of my childhood spent in that land among hazelnut groves and fields, where you can play freely, is still very strong and full of emotions. It was wonderful to spend all the summer holidays on those hills of the simple, poor but authentic Langa. Today, due to the climate change that is taking place, that territory can affirm its potential and know the well-deserved fame thanks to the producers who invest in vineyards and bring the Alta Langa name to the world. I am happy that we too can do our part, albeit small, for the enhancement of a territory that will always remain in my heart.


DOSAGE: Pas dosé

COMPOSITION  OF THE CUVÉE: 85% Pinot Nero 15% Chardonnay.
Grapes come from vineyards at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level.

PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE: Gentle and delicate grape pressing, fermentation in stainless steel with controlled temperature. In late spring, the wine undergoes a second fermentation in bottle.

TASTING NOTES: Fine and persistent perlage, elegant color reminiscent of onion peel. The taste creamy, with the right acidity and freshness.