Riserva Giulio I

Tosti, sparkling wine specialist since 1820, is a family winery for 7 generations.
Tosti has been one of the first piedmontese cellar producing the sparkling Alta Langa just after the disciplinary regulation approval. For the company, indeed, these bubbles are the maximum expression of the Piedmont area.
The name ” Giulio I” is a tribute to Giulio Bosca, sixth generation at the helm of the company and father of the current president.
2012 harvest took place in the second half of August after a rainy spring that was optimal for flowering. The ripening period of the grapes was characterized by strong temperature changes between day and night. The cool nights, alternated with intense sunny days, helped the blossom of primary aromas, amplifying the fruity notes of the bunch.


PRODUCTION METHOD: All the work both in the vineyards and in the cellar has as its sole objective the freshness and balance of these bubbly. The research of quality without compromise starts in the vineyards from pruning to thinning, then continue with the rigorously hand made grapes harvest.
The grapes are gently pressed and squeezed. The must obtained is fermented at the temperature of 14° C for 30 days. Refinement sur lattes with batonnage to obtain the finest perfumes derived from the lysis of yeast cells. The wine is thus ready for the bottle slow aging of 72 months in temperature controlled ambient. The long aging on yeast makes this sparkling wine unique. Behind an apparent simplicity and freshness it hides rare organoleptic sensations, which only our territory, time and our 7 generation expertise can give as gifts.
It is an extra brut with a limited dosage with a unique freshness feature for this vintage. The dégorgement à la glace usually takes place with the use of a liqueur d’éxpédition refined in wood.

TASTING NOTES: The foam is soft and copious. The perlage is fine and persistent. The colour is light gold with shining reflections. The aroma is rich with floral notes exhalted by ripen fruits touch. The flavour is fine, tasty, elegant with a floral aftertaste in its long finish.