Ettore Germano

Alta Langa

COMPOSITION OF THE CUVÉE: 80% Pinot nero and 20% Chardonnay

PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE: The grapes are hand-picked, brought to the cellar in small boxes and whole-bunch pressed. The free-run juice is selected. Alcoholic fermentation takes place at low temperature. The Pinot Noir is fermented in vertical stainless-steel tanks, the Chardonnay in untoasted, medium-size wooden barrels. After the alcoholic fermentation the wine remains on the lees for a period of refinement, during which occur some ‘bâtonnages’. The wine is draft in April, and selected yeasts are added. The secondary fermentation in bottle lasts about 4/6 months. After the period of refinements on the lees, about 30 months, the bottles are disgorged and filled with the same sparkling wine ‘Spumante’, without adding any ‘liqueur d’expedition’. Other 3/4 months and the Spumante is ready to be commercialized.

TASTING NOTES: The wine presents an intense straw yellow color, with fine and persistent perlage.
Aromas range from bread crust to yeast and dried fruit, with some floral notes.
In the mouth, it has a full and rich entry with a good acidity and a creamy sensation, given by the fine foam, which cleans the mouth and confers a good aromatic persistence.