Alta Langa Hundred Sixty-Three

The 17th of June 1858 “an act of command of the royal delegate” to the municipality of Serralunga d’Alba testified, “by injunction”, the inscription in the private patrimony of Vittorio Emanuele II, then still King of Sardinia, an area of 138.82 “giornate piemontesi”. This is how our story began and, just like all beautiful things, it was born from a love story between the first King of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele II and Rosa Vercellana, to whom he gave, as a pledge of love, the land he bought in 1858 where the winery still stands today. After 163 years, we continue to celebrate and, one month from our birthday, we start doing it with a dedicated bubbly: Alta Langa Hundred Sixty-Three.


PRODUCTION METHOD: Our Hundred Sixty-Three is produced by vinifying grapes which ripen very slowly in order to produce particular aromas, thanks to the altitude at which they are cultivated. After a period of at least 7 years of aging on lees, the wine is finally disgorged.

TASTING NOTES: The sparkling wine poured in the glass shows a golden yellow color with greenish reflections and a very fine perlage. The aromas of great intensity and complexity are mainly reminiscent of wildflower honey and spices, toasted dried fruit and bread crust. In the mouth is perceived the typical structure of Pinot Noir and the durability of the perlage, in addition to a long and persistent aftertaste with fresh and sapid sensations.