Fratelli Grimaldi

Alta Langa

Our first classic method is Alta Langa, and was born with the vintage 2015. It comes from the vineyards in Santo Stefano Belbo with exposure north-west Piedmont and 490 m asl (above sea level)


PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE: Harvest is strictly by hand in crates, towards the middle or end of August. The grapes intact, are put into the press to avoid lacerations and undergo a soft pressing.
Subsequently the must begins a first fermentation at a low temperature.
In the spring following the harvest, the base wine with the addition of selected yeasts is bottled with a crown cap which then causes the second alcoholic fermentation.
The latter has a duration of at least 60 days.
The aging is 36 months on the yeasts in bottle. Subsequently the operation of disgorgement and filling of the bottles with the base wine without the addition of “liqueur”. The commercialisation takes place after 3 months.

TASTING NOTES: Visually golden yellow in colour, the perlage is elegant, persistent and very fine. Slight floral notes, honey, yeast and bread crust on the nose. The striking taste is light but has intense sapid notes, the creaminess of the bubbles and a balanced acidity. All characteristics that make this wine pleasantly harmonious and soft. Definitely ideal for almost any type of meal, our Alta Langa expresses refinement in aperitifs and excellence in all fish based dishes from raw to the most sophisticated dishes.