Cantina Clavesana

Alta Langa MITO

This is our first production of Alta Langa DOCG and it is part of the Mito line. This Line represents the excellence of the products of Cantina Clavesana. The Mito project is our aspiration to make always the best and improving ourselves each harvest.


PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE: After meticulous selection, the grapes are pressed gently and vinified in steel tanks at about 17°C. Upon completion of fermentation, maturing continues on lees. The spring following harvest, the wine undergoes second fermentation in the bottle at a temperature of 15°C, for about 50 days. After the prise de mousse, the bottles are stored for at least 30 month.
Subsequently, they are transferred to Pupitres, the racks where Remuage takes place, consisting in the gradual turning of the bottles to allow the clarification of the product. After about 30 days of Remuage, the bottles are disgorged and the product is dosed.

TASTING NOTES: Pale yellow in colour with greenish highlights, it presents a very fine and persistent perlage with an elegant crown of froth. Rich in the nose, with scents of yeast and crusty bread. Full and balanced in the mouth with a pleasantly tart and persistent finish.