Daffara & Grasso

Alta Langa

The choice to produce Alta Langa wine has been dictated by the great charm that releases the very nature of this wine. The strong character of Pinot Nero and the elegance of Chardonnay remind to that wonderful landscape of high-hill hard environment. Our philosophy is to really express the terroir of Cassinasco according to the features of the different vintages.

COMPOSITION OF THE CUVÉE: Typically: 70% Pinot Nero; 30% Chardonnay

PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE: Following a careful selection of the harvest period, the whole grape clusters, hand-harvested and kept in crates, are subjected to slow and soft pressing. The first fermentation is carried out in steel vats at controlled temperature at 15 degrees, after around 9 months on the lees, the cuvee is bottled with its yeasts for the second fermentation. The ageing in the bottle lasts at least 36 months.

TASTING NOTES: Light golden colour with fine and persistent perlage. It remembers the fragrance of freshly-baked bread and dry fruit on the nose. On the palate the wine presents a soft, dense foam with a pleasant freshness, saltiness and minerality.