Tenuta Carretta

Airali Pas Dosè

Airali is the placename of the area where the most of our vineyards are planted, in Cissone Township.

COMPOSITION OF THE CUVÉE: Typically: Pinot Noir 70% and Chardonnay 30%, but the blend can vary, depending by the characteristics of the vintage.

PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE: The grapes are pressed with a pneumatic press without to be crushed before. The first dripping is immediately eliminated, while the must fruit of the following pressing cycles is fermented at a strictly controlled temperature of 22 C degrees to obtain the base wine. In the May following the harvest, the wine is bottled for the second fermentation (tiràge), and then stored on pile for an ageing minimum period of 30 months. At the degorgément we add the liqueur d’expedition: a very special recipe of a mixture of wine and sugar for the Brut version while, for the Pas Dosé version, we don’t add anything else that the same wine.

TASTING NOTES: On the nose, these sparkling wines have a very characteristic aroma, with scent of bred crust, shell fruit, dry figs and honey. In the mouth, thanks to a long ageing on the yeasts in the bottle, the wines are elegant and complex, sapid, long living, with a perfect minerality. The Brut version is round and harmonic, perfect for aperitifs, while the Pas Dosé is pleasantly dry, perfect for the table’s pairings: fish and crustaceous, but also pasta and white meat.