Pianbè – Alta Langa Brut

Grapes: Pinot nero 80%, Chardonnay 20%.

Grape harvest: The grapes are selected and harvested by hand in the last decade of September in 20-kg crates.

Wine making: Soft pressing with elimination of the coloured fraction and achievement of the juice. Clarification with flotation with nitrogen to avoid the oxidation of aromas. Addition of selected yeasts Saccaromyces Cerevisiae and management of the alcoholic fermentation at the temperature of 15° C, partly in French oak barrels, partly in thermally conditioned tanks. Static clarification during winter for the fraction in stainless steel, permanence on fine fermentation dregs for the fraction in barrels. Cold stabilization at the end of winter.

Bottle fermentation: Carried out in the crescent moon week in March or April, in the year that follows the grape harvest, with the addition of yeasts for the secondary fermentation.

Refinement: In bottle on lees for 36 months. During the refinement period sediments are carried in suspension again at least 3-4 times (Coupé de Poignet)

Disgorgement: After 36 months on lees it is manually executed the “remuage sur pupitres” and the final disgorgement with the addition of the dosing syrup.

Analytic characteristics:

Alcohol: 13,50% vol.

Total acidity: 5,50 g/l

Total sulphur: 96 mg/l

Reduced sugars: 2/3 gr/l

Extract: 24 g/l

Characteristics: Standing out for its exceptional freshness, it maintains its characteristics that are enhanced by aging.

Pairing: It is suitable as aperitif on all occasions. With tasty first courses, second courses of white meat and all seafood.

To be served cold, temperature 5-8° C.

Pianbè - Alta Langa Brut