Paolo Berutti

Paolo Berutti – Alta LangaD.O.C.G.

A difficult choice that gave awesome results. The high hills of Langa, with their siliceous and chalky soils, give
extraordinary Pinot Nero grapes that make the ALTA LANGA DOCG wine unique for its freshness and typicalness, even after many years of maturation.
Fine and elegant, it perfectly combines its mature sparkling wine characteristics with yeast and bread crust scents, with fresh and enjoyable fruity aromas that range from vanilla, to acacia honey, and to dried fruits.
A delicate liqueur d’expédition harmonizes softness and acidity flavors, also giving unique and elegant aromas.
All flavors are harmoniously blended in the enjoyable fizz of a fine and persistent perlage.

Grapevines: 100 % Pinot nero
Alcohol proof: 13,5% vol.
Serving temperature: 6°C

Soil: Siliceous-chalky
Orientation and altitude: South-West and West, 300 meters a.s.l.
Vine training: Traditional Guyot
Implantation density: 4,500 plants for hectare

Harvest Time:  From the mid to the end of august. It’s critical to identify, according to appropriate ripening indices, the proper day to start harvesting grapes in order to get a balanced product, with the appropriate rate of acidity, strength and body.

Harvest:  manual, in pierced crates, with grapes selected in the vineyard and
immediately put into the pneumatic press.

Sparkling winemaking processes:  The grapes collected in the crates are, after few hours, gently pressed according to careful manual programs in order to get a fresh juice that, within some hours, settles and becomes clear, separating from solid parts. The savvy usage of biotechnologies and cold allows a slow alcoholic fermentation with a controlled temperature of 13°C in stainless steel tanks and, for a minimal part, in wood. In spring, the resulting wine is put into the bottles where the prise de mousse takes place. Then bottles are staked in appropriate underground galleries where temperature is constantly around 12°C. After years of aging in these underground galleries,
our ALTA LANGA wine is ready for remuage and degorgement operations.

Produced bottles: 6,000 0.75 L bottles.

Color – exceptional perlage of light gold color.
Nose – intense and complex scents of bread crust with strong accents of dried fruits, honey, almonds and linden flowers.
Taste — it’s a soft but perfectly harmonious wine, with a proper balance of acidity; its enjoyably salty, bodied and structured.

Food pairings: Perfect to be enjoyed in every moment of the day, it is a premium aperitif wine. It pairs perfectly with any dish of fish (in particular with salmon and seabass), and it is also exceptional when paired with black squid ink risotto or with a tasty cheese fondue covered of Alba white truffle.

Paolo Berutti - Alta Langa