Asterope – Alta LangaD.O.C.G.

The star and mythlology: Asterope, of the Pleides star cluster.
This includes two stars: 21 Tauri and 22 Tauri, about 440 light years from Earth.
Asterope is one of the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione and sister of Celaeno.
Grape variety: Pinot Nero 85% e Chardonnay 15%

The Vineyard:
Area of origin: Alta Langa hills
Soil: Calcareous clay
Exposure: South-West
Altitude: 250 m above sea level
Age of vines: Planted in 1995
Pruning system: Guyot
Density per hectare: 4,000 vines/ha
Yield per hectare: 7,000 l/ha

The harvest
Time of harvest: Beginning of September
Method: Hand harvested with small vented bins.

The Winemaking
Pressing: Pneumatic pressi ng
Fermentation: fermentation in stainless steel for 8 months and second fermentation in bottle
Type of yeasts: Selected local yeasts
Skin contact: None
Ageing: In bottle with 48 months of lees ageing
Bottle ageing: 1 -2 months

The Wine
Alcohol: 12,50%
Total Acidity: 7,00%
Final pH: 2,90 – 3,00
Residual Sugars: 7,50 g/l
Serving Temperature: 5 – 6°C/41 – 43 °F

Tasting Notes:
The perlage is very fine widl a pale golden core in dle glass. Notes of toast and yeasts. The bubbles are fine and produce an incredible velvety sensation on the paiate. Dry and elegant widl fragnnces of pear, lemon and tropical fruits. Long and refreshing finish.

Asterope - Alta Langa D.O.C.G.