Giulio Cocchi

TotoCorde – Alta LangaD.O.C.G.

Alta Langa is the name of the original sparkling wine from the Piedmontese hills on the right bank of the Tanaro river. The traditional method of bottle fermentation and the DOCG rules guarantee the quality and complexity of the wine.
For his Alta Langa TOTOCORDE, Cocchi wants it to be vinous and centered on the expression of territory. For this reason, the maturity of the grapes is the key factor, even more than the acidity. The dosage of the sugars is extremely modest.

Vineyard altitude: 250/320 meters a.s.l.

Grape harvest: by hand in boxes.

Fermentation: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay ferment separately in small stainless steel tanks for almost three weeks, after which the wine is left to rest on the yeasts.

Blend composition: 70% Pinot Noir, biotype “Fine di Champagne”; 30% Chardonnay, biotype “Precoce di Borgogna”.

Blend: The formation of the cuvée occurs in late winter combining the wines, both from the same vintage.

Secondary fermentation and maturation in bottle: The second fermentation takes place in the bottles and is completed with a long maturation in a cool and dark place for almost 48 months. During this period the peculiar character take shape and enhance.

Remuage and dégorgement: The Alta Langa making technique always follows the traditional method of remuage on wooden pupitres and dégorgement à la glace.

Dosage: The dosage of sugar content makes TOTOCORDE a particularly rigorous and balanced sparkling wine.

Character: very wide aromatic spectrum pushing notes of candied citrus, in the mouth is particularly rich in material and volume, with hints of apricots and raisins.

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