Giulio Cocchi

Rösa – Alta LangaD.O.C.G.

The vineyards of Alta Langa territory, in the hills of the right bank of the Tanaro river, create ROSA, the single variety Cocchi reserve, made of Pinot Noir and bottle fermented.
Produced with only black grapes, Rosa preserves a spectacular pale pink color but is a sparkling wine with a masculine temperament; his slightly spicy style makes it ideally perfect as an aperitif and with seafood.

Seductive perlage to explore with generosity: it is recommended to always have a second bottle on hand or, for the best occasions, to open a Magnum of this reserve.

Minimum altitude of the vineyards: 250 meters s.l.m.

Pressing: the presses are loaded with 4,500 kg of grapes used to produce 2,050 liters of Pinot Noir must.

Fermentation: The first fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks for almost three weeks, after which the wine is cooled to favor the natural sedimentation of yeast.

Blend composition: 100% Pinot Noir, biotype “Fine di Borgogna”
Blend: the formation of the cuvée occurs in late winter combining wines all made of the same vintage.

Secondary fermentation and maturation in the bottle: the second fermentation takes place in the bottles and is completed with a long maturation in a cool and dark place for 50 months.

Remuage and dégorgement: The Alta Langa making technique follows always the traditional rule of remuage on wooden pupitres and dégorgement à la glace.
Dosage: The ROSA is a sparkling brut little dosed. The modest amount of added sugars (never exceeding 8 g / l) makes a rigorous and fascinating sparkling wine.

Tasting: its volume, combined with a good balance of wine, expresses a wine with intense fruit style and full of charm.