Giulio Cocchi

Bianc ‘d Bianc – Alta LangaD.O.C.G.

Alta Langa is the name of the Piedmont hills sparkling wines, on the right bank of the Tanaro river. The traditional method of bottle fermentation and the DOCG rules guarantee the quality and complexity of the wine.
Cocchi with his Bianc ‘d Bianc, wants to bring out the nature of the territory and the real expression of the Chardonnay. The blend is made from grapes of a single vineyard and the production is only 3000 liters every year.

Vineyard altitude: 320 meters s.l.m.

Grape harvest: by hand in boxes.

Pressing: the presses are loaded with 5500 kg of grapes used to produce 3000 liters of Chardonnay juice.

Fermentation: The first fermentation takes place in small stainless steel tanks for almost three weeks, after which the wine is left to rest on the yeasts.

Blend composition: 100% Chardonnay, biotype “precoce di Borgogna”.

Blend: the formation of the cuvée occurs in late winter by incorporating the small vats of wine, all made of the same vintage.

Secondary fermentation and maturation in the bottles: the second fermentation takes place in the bottles stacked on the pupitres and is completed with a long maturation lasting 50 months.

Remuage and dégorgement: The Alta Langa making technique follows the traditional method of remuage on wooden pupitres and dégorgement à la glace.

Dosage: Bianc ‘d Bianc is a sparkling brut little dosed. The amount of sugar, limited to 8 g / l, contributes in making a contemporary, rigorous and seductive sparkling wine.

Tasting: complex aromatic spectrum of white fruits and light apricot, in the mouth has a long field with the same aromatic notes and citrus fruits flavors purposes.