Alta Langa Extra Brut

GRAPE VARIETIES: pinot nero – chardonnay

GROWING LOCATION: comuni di S. Stefano Belbo, Castino, Borgomale and Lequio Berria

VINEYARD POSITION AND ALTITUDE: the vineyards face south-south-west, at an altitude of between 400 and 600m a.s.l.

SOIL: white clay alternated with layers of sand and calcareous marl.


PLANTING DENSITY: 4.500 plants/ha

GRAPE HARVEST: end of August, beginning of September



BOTTLE SIZE AWAILABLE (lt): 0,75 – 1,5 – 3 – 6

TECHNICAL PROFILE: Vinification: the grapes are picked into boxes holding around 20 kilos each, and delivered to the winery. Here they immediately undergo gentle, delicate pressing, followed by static settling in heat-conditioned tanks. The clear must is then divided into two parts, the first of which ferments in stainless steel tanks at a low temperature (18-20° C). The remainder is placed into barriques to ferment in underground cellars at a temperature of no more than 20 degrees, and is then left in the wood on the fine lees until spring. The two wines resulting from the separate fermentations are then blended. In May, the cuvée undergoes a second fermentation in the bottle, followed by maturing on the lees in the cool, dark surroundings of the cellars, strictly in keeping with the traditional method of producing sparkling wine known here as ‘Spumante Metodo Classico’.

TASTING NOTES: This is one of the sparkling wines which have made the history of Fontanafredda. Named after Countess Rosa Mirafiori, the morganatic wife of King Victor Emmanuel II, and mother of Emmanuel Guerrieri of Mirafiori who founded the company in 1878, it has been produced on the estate since the 1940s. Made from grapes grown at an altitude that allows them to ripen slowly, producing very particular aromas, it matures on the lees for at least 3 years prior to dégorgement. In the glass its straw-yellow colour is tinged with green, and it has a very persistent perlage. Very intense and complex on the nose, its bouquet conjures up mainly wildflower honey and spices, with hints of toasted nuts and breadcrumbs. The structure of the pinot noir shows through on the palate, merging beautifully with the fragrance of the chardonnay. Long, lingering finish, with fresh, savoury sensations.

PAIRINGS: Excellent as an aperitif, with its unquestionable personality it is above-all a great way of accompanying all courses with class.

Altalanga Extrabrut - Fontanafredda