It has a soft paste and unmistakable creaminess. It’s good to eat fresh but also after a short ripening period: Roccaverano is a Piedmontese cheese that has made a name for itself throughout Italy and abroad and celebrated four decades of PDO in 2019.

Today, between 400 and 420 thousand forms are produced every year. The Consortium that protects this cheese with a secular history is made up of small producers distributed in a territory that winds its way between the provinces of Asti and Alessandria: 10 municipalities in Asti and nine in Alessandria, in the hilly area of the Langa di Roccaverano (Asti), Val Bormida and Val Erro (Alessandria), as envisaged in the production regulations. It is made from 100% raw goat milk of two specific breeds: the Roccaverano and Camosciata Alpina, and can be fresh or aged after ten days of maturing.

Roccaverano is also a Slow Food Presidium: the Presidium protects some small producers and promotes traditional Robiola di Roccaverano.

This agri-food excellence of ours, the Roccaverano cheese, is distinguished by the territory of production: Langa Astigiana and Monferrato Acquese – points out Piedmont’s Regional Councillor for Agriculture, Giorgio Ferrero. – We try to combine tourism, food and wine and high-quality products. The success of this product lies in the courage of one of the strictest DOP regulations at the national level, in which animal breeds, pastures and diets have been selected in an extremely specific way. When you believe in the quality of a product, you don’t just talk about it, you translate it into tangible elements”.