Presented to the members of the Consortium the volume “Alta Langa – Il racconto di una denominazione”

The Alta Langa Consortium presented the volume “ALTA LANGA – Il racconto di una denominazione” to all its members during a meeting held in the Aula Magna of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo on February 29th.

The volume is the result of a long and meticulous research effort aimed at defining the deepest identity of the designation. It provides members with a valuable tool for technical, historical, and cultural insights into Alta Langa. It represents a precious heritage for all those belonging to the Consortium, intended to be shared to preserve the memory and, above all, to lay the foundations of knowledge that unites all producers and viticulturists.

The presentation featured contributions from the authors of various essays in the book, each offering an invitation to read:

Edmondo Bonelli (The soils of Alta Langa)
Maurizio Gily (The viticulture of Alta Langa)
Carlo Casavecchia (The production method)
Pierstefano Berta and Giusi Mainardi (The origins and development of the classic method in Piedmont)
Giancarlo Montaldo and Teresa Baccini (The 90s, the Spumante Project, and the birth of the designation)
Armando Castagno (Analysis of the wine’s sensory profile)
Vincenzo Donatiello (How to best appreciate a bottle of Alta Langa)
Piercarlo Grimaldi (Peasant imaginaries, rituals, and myths of the high hills)
Antonio Degiacomi (Alta Langa and White Truffle of Alba)
Mauro Carbone (Traveling in the lands of Alta Langa)

The presentation spanned four different sections of the volume, covering the terroir and method, history, tasting and service, capturing the genius loci of Alta Langa.

With 392 pages full of insights and curiosities, the editorial coordination was handled by Marianna Natale and Paolo Rossino; photographs by Eunice Brovida and Lavezzo Studios; editorial project and illustrations by Hellobarrio; printing was carried out by L’Artistica Savigliano.

This collaborative work aims to spread awareness and a sense of privilege and responsibility in managing and enhancing the Alta Langa designation, promoting its respect and preservation.