Vinchio Vaglio

The story of Vinchio Vaglio starts in 1959 with 19 partners.

It’s is the story of the love of its inhabitants for a hard, meagre land with very steep slopes; a land where the steep, overhanging vineyards at the edge of the woods have been trained at the cost of indescribable effort, where every drop of wine is matched by a thousand drops of sweat (and that may be an underestimate). But repaying so much dedication is precisely what the vineyard knows how to do; these rows are able to offer rare and exceptional grapes to the hard-working hands of men. The sun shines all day on these hills, there is no frost or fog and the only shade from dawn to dusk is cast by the rows themselves.
Great wines are created on these hills.
The Cooperative, now numbers 192 partners who work 470 hectares of vineyards, of which almost 280 are devoted to Barbera and this is the reason why the Vinery is known as “The Nest of Barbera”.
In recent decades, however, sparkling wine has come to the fore in the company’s planning and, when it took the step, it was done with an unfailing search for quality and innovation. Alta Langa successfully follow the path not only of quality but also in the use of the most appropriate international vines, by now fully-fledged citizens of Piedmont, that is, Chardonnay and Pinot Nero. In the case of the Winery, it was the winemakers of the most suitable vineyards themselves who suggested its production.