Garbarino Roberto

“The bottle tells the past year, the seasons, the climatic trend, but above all it is the direct line with the earth. We believe that respect for the environment, especially for the soil, is essential for the quality of our wines. We do not use herbicides or chemical fertilizers and, if the environmental conditions permit, we reduce the use of systemic pesticides.”

The young winemaking reality was born in 2012 to pursue a dream and a passion, after the degree in oenology, the experience in New Zealand and having worked for some of the greater producers of the Langhe. The dream of producing high-quality bubbles in a land of important reds, and believing in it to the point of starting as – perhaps – the smallest producer in Alta Langa with the 2013 vintage.

Roberto and Beatrice’s company has 6 hectares of vineyards in the Neviglie area, a small town in the Cuneo Langa, and almost 4 hectares in Trezzo Tinella, a few km from the winery.

Steep, clayey soils with some sandy veins allow us to obtain excellent-quality of the grapes. Characterized by winters that are not too harsh, despite the altitude, and by cool summers, the vineyards (located at an altitude ranging from 450 to 600 meters above sea level) enjoy a cool, dry climate, the perfect climatic context for producing sparkling wines elegant and with a strong character.

Roberto knows everything about his wines: he follows each phase personally. From the vineyard to the harvest, to the vinification process. “From an oenological point of view, my master – Roberto explains – told me: to make a bottle of good wine, it’s not a single detail that makes the difference, but the details you bring to the wine every day; that is, the attention and dedication you bring to your products every day. I also learned to have a more pragmatic approach to wine. I learned that chemical analyses are very important… but never give up your intuition”.