Poderi Colla

The history of the Colla family goes back centuries and is always intertwined with the main events in the history of wine in Piedmont.

Some important dates: 1894 was born Pietro Colla, who from 1909 worked at Gancia di Canelli, where he collaborated with the fathers of modern Italian sparkling wine-making, Mensio and Strucchi, and became an expert in the Champenois method.
1930 Beppe, Pietro’s son, was born. He graduated as an oenologist in 1949, and became a point of reference in the wine and food culture of Alba for his sensitivity, dedication and far-sightedness, also playing key roles in the protection and promotion of Alba wines. Owner of the Prunotto company in Alba for 40 years, he was a forerunner in the vinification and ageing of wines, as well as the first to vinify crus separately, indicating them on the label.
1994 Beppe founded Poderi Colla together with his younger brother Tino and daughter Federica, which was joined by Tino’s son Pietro in 2006.

The key words of the Colla family’s production philosophy have always been naturalness and originality, integrity and purity.

Poderi Colla comprises four estates with a total of 28 hectares of vineyards.
All the properties are situated in excellent locations and renowned for the great quality of the grapes produced; together, they cover practically the entire range of wines produced in the Langhe.

The Dardi le Rose estate in Bussia di Monforte d’Alba covers 8 hectares, 6 of which are cultivated exclusively with Nebbiolo da Barolo. From these vineyards, the first Barolo with the mention ‘Bussia’ was born in 1961 by Beppe Colla.

Tenuta Roncaglie is one of the most beautiful and scenic areas of DOCG Barbaresco, 13 hectares, 8 of which are vineyards. Roncaglie is a historic cru, mentioned since 1800. Nebbiolo, Barbera and Rhine Riesling are grown here.

Cascina del Drago. A total of 25 hectares, of which about 12 are under vine, covering practically the entire Bricco del Drago hill. The vineyards were planted between 1969 and 1999 with Dolcetto and Nebbiolo (from which the wines of the same name are obtained) Campo Romano, planted with Pinot Nero.

The Bricco Bompè estate, at the top of the Madonna di Como hill in the commune of Alba, opposite the Bricco del Drago, is the Colla family’s latest acquisition. Here is the modern, underground cellar, the perfect place where all the grapes grown on the estate can be vinified, aged and bottled.

Poderi Colla wines are conceptually simple, children of nature, terroir, microclimate, vintage, grapes and the experience and dedication of the family. They are complex, balanced, elegant and long-lived, exciting because they are unique, different every year.