Matteo Correggia

The story of this family business is the story of a progressive evolution thanks to the people who are part of it and contribute to its progression day by day.

Our company achieves objectives and sets new goals: in biological production, through experimentation and in the synergy between wine and other forms of art. In line with its process of growth and change, our company leaves the past and moves towards the future.

“In the last years we have come a long way.
My young collaborators have grown and I with them.
I am lucky to work with passionate, enthusiastic people, who love what they do and engage in new experiments to innovate and increase the quality of our products.
I am lucky to work with my children who are my link with the past, my inspiration and my source of energy when the going gets tough.
I am lucky to have learnt how to adopt a positive attitude and to have spread the love for the territory, for nature and for harmony.
All together we are ready to sail to new horizons and goals.”