La Fusina

Our “slogan” is: Love for the land, family ties, respect for nature: our wines. Good wine comes only from the passion and love for their land.

As far back as 1792, testified by an old map found in the farm’s loft, the farm La Fusina was partly cultivated with vineyards in the lands facing the sun and with grassland and wheat in the valley bottom. The actual owners, Luigi Abbona and his family, have been living in La Fusina since 1914 and from the beginning the work in the vine-rows and the making of wines have been the main activities: 18 out of the 20 hectares of the farm are in fact grown on vineyards.

The hamlet Santa Lucia, where is situated La Fusina, is one of the most charming places of the Doglianese territory. The amenity and peacefulness of the country, the land particularly suitable to the vine, the favourable exposures of the vineyards, the careful work in the cellar are all elements contributing to the production of high quality wines, very versatile and and of marked personality, ready to amaze also the most exigent palates.

Ours wine: Dogliani Superiore, Dogliani, Barbera d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba Superiore, Langhe Dolcetto, Langhe Rosato, Langhe Barbera, Langhe Chardonnay, Alta Langa, Pinot Nero and the Barolo that is borned in ours vineyard in Monforte d’Alba, where we are also a small cellar for vinification and aging this wine.