F.lli Gancia

It is possible to fully appreciate Gancia sparkling wines only if you deeply understand the inseparable link of this historical brand with its territory.

More than 170 years have gone since the birth of the first Italian Sparkling Wine “Metodo Classico”.
The history of Italian sparkling wine actually begins in 1865, when Carlo Gancia starts a passionate job of research and experiments in this sector.

Gancia is not only sparkling wine, it is a winery to visit and to live with emotion, where passion creates an indivisible link between people, vineyards and quality products. It is also a site which summarizes the beauty of the Piedmontese territory in the Historical Cellars, which were classified a unique Unesco World Heritage in 2014 and where the process of grapes pressing, vinification and ageing of Metodo Classico take place.

“Drink beauty” is the message which focuses the new image of Gancia today. A beauty which is deeply rooted in the identity, in the history and in the wines of Gancia. Drink Beauty talks about the beauty of the vineyards, the Italian art and Sparkling Wine. The beauty of the creative expressions of the company since 1850. The beauty of Alta Langa sparkling wines, revamped in the image in a triumph of joyful and audacious colors.
Alta Langa sparkling wines represent in fact for this winery of Canelli the spearhead of the production, just think that some vintage wines have been aged in these underground cellars for more than 10 years.

“We have the chance to live in a company that looks up to the future and that also respects the guidelines of the founders” comments Andrea Capussotti, the chief oenologist. Every single bottle of Alta Langa meets specific rules: “Our secret is in the respect of the raw materials with minimal interventions in the cellar” emphasizes the oenologist. These sparkling wines show elegance, finesse, pronounced acidity, clean smells with important mineral notes.
Common characteristics to be found in all the Alta Langa Metodo Classico sparkling wines signed by Gancia.