Enrico Serafino

Enrico Serafino: since 1878 over 140 harvests of Traditional Classic Method.

Founded in 1878 in Canale d’Alba, Enrico Serafino has been one of the first Piemontese Historical Wineries to create prestigious Traditional Classic Method cuvées such as Asti Champagne and Regina Brut Champagne in its 19th century underground cellars.

In the early 20th century the Traditional Classic Method of Enrico Serafino, well-known for the refined art-déco logo, together with other Piemontese sparkling wines, conquered the world. The elegant advertising posters appeared in the streets of New York, London and Paris and the bottles became the main characters of the happy and successful moments of Hollywood movies with their presence in the most elegant parties.

Today almost nothing has changed from the vineyard to the winery, including the rules and the gestures of those who work there. Expert, precise—almost ritual—acts, because quality cannot be improvised.

The vineyard is the Alta Langa area, within the most harsh Piemonte hills, with marly and calcareous-clay soils. The background of famous novels written by Pavese and Fenoglio, the vineyards that have given fame to the great Piemontese red wines. Here Pinot Noir grapes excel, which have always been the favorite grape of the winery, as well as those of Chardonnay.

The winery has 19th century historical cellars at a constant temperature. That’s where Enrico Serafino produces every single bottle of Traditional Classic Method with the solid experience of over 145 harvests based on strict rules.

Of course, tradition is not enough: to continue to improve, dedication and foresight are necessary to enhance the refinements of the wines on the lees over the years. The result is an Alta Langa of great longevity and complexity where each bottle is unique and unrepeatable.

Alta Langa docg Enrico Serafino.