Contratto was founded in 1867 by Giuseppe Contratto and the winery is known as one of the oldest producer of sparkling wine in Italy. In fact, the “Metodo Classico” 1919 Contratto Extra Brut was the first vintage sparkling wine ever made in the country.

The winery has a long, distinguished history. At the turn of the 20th century, its wines were leaving Canelli for destinations all over the world (predominantly to royal houses), and Contratto was the personal supplier to the Vatican as well as to the Italian Royal Familys.
The historic cathedral cellars at Contratto, now designated a UNESCO Heritage Site, are a real treasure, and among the finest of their kind. These huge underground cellars, covering more than 5,000 square meters, were built into the heart of the hill that protects the small town of Canelli, excavated from tuff limestone to a depth of 32 meters.
The cellars maintain a constant annual temperature of 12 to 13 C degrees and sufficient natural humidity, an ideal environment for bottle fermentation and the slow and steady bottle maturation of “metodo clasico” sparkling-wines.

In 2009 the winery has been acquired by the Rivetti family from the La Spinetta winery.

Contratto today consists of 40 ha of vineyards, all located in th Alta Langa region, with a total production of approx 200.000 bts a year.
Only vintage wines, all without any dosage and with a minimum aging sur lie of 4 years.
Sustainable farming, low yields, attention and care to the detail together with a great passion are the milestones of the new Contratto.