Casa E. di Mirafiore

The expression of a new and refined vision, where innovation is represented by the recovery of unconditional tradition.

From 1878 we are counts and farmers, between heart and sky, from the roots to wine. From the innovation of 1887 to the first Barolo in the world in 1890, we are pioneer of the evolution of the vines. Today as yesterday, Tradition, Respect, Community, Elegance and Change guide us. Wine is always an element of common good for us, never so GOOD, never so GREAT, never so CLEAN today.

In the landscapes recognized as Unesco world heritage, Casa E. di Mirafiore rises from 1878 with his estates in Barolo and Serralunga, founded by Emanuele Alberto Count of Mirafiore, son of the first King of Italy. A noble farmer-entrepreneur, who dedicated himself to wine with an absolutely modern approach and exported in 1890 the first Barolo Mirafiore all over the world.

Here tradition has never been forgotten: it is our unambiguous guide. Even today, in the cellar, the most traditional ageing techniques dictate the winemaking style of Casa E. di Mirafiore. With the same credentials with which the great Barolo are produced, the company starts making an Alta Langa 100% pinot nero, after 15 years from the first experimentations. The Alta Langa by Casa E. di Mirafiore is not only a classic method, but it is a perfect combination of climate, exposure, characteristics of the vine and the soil, where, with the change of an element, the result changes.

In every single choice, in every single daily action, we strive for the highest quality. Our aim is to achieve the utmost precision, balance and elegance for each wine, in order to express all the power and the deep connection between the vine and its land of origin. Casa E. di Mirafiore becomes a biological agricultural company in 2018 as 100 years ago, but now it is by choice. Thanks to the progress of modern viticulture, we are able to cultivate our vineyards without using chemicals, guaranteeing high sustainability, respect for the environment and quality of the product.