Since 1831 our mission has never changed: bringing the enthusiasm of the best italian bubbles to everyone, everywhere, always.

Canelli. This is where it all began and where everything continues today. After 190 years. In exactly the same way. A story that is always told in the present tense starting in the Underground Cathedrals, World Heritage of Humanity for UNESCO, that inspire us every day to look ahead.
For Bosca, in fact, past and future have never represented rhetorical categories, but a continuous and interchangeable flow that has always set new goals and challenges.
Today, the company is currently run by Pia, Gigi and Polina. The sixth family generation is at the helm. They are the affectionate keepers of the story of Bosca. Ready to write a new and original chapter, ready for new journeys.
Because, at the end of the day, being Bosca means exploring. Like real pioneers.