“Sisto is an old man. He has smallish eyes and that reserved, stern awkwardness of a farmer. He is a man of the land, and from his land he has never moved. The hill is on the left of the road that runs from Neive to Neviglie and is completely covered with vineyards. Their residence is in the center and it also serves as the main office of the winery. (…)”

From “I Vignaioli Storici” of Luigi Veronelli, 1988

The winemaking tradition goes back centuries in the Bera family, which at the end of the ‘70s did they start producing wines to bottle and sell with their own label.

The company is surrounded by generous lands that with their prized vineyards yield grapes, among them the muscat, from which we get the Moscato d’Asti, principal wine of our firm, and also the historic Asti Spumante.

The family produces Moscato for the production of Asti and Moscato d’Asti, and Nebbiolo to make Barbaresco, Alladio Nebbiolo e Sassisto; Valter and his two sons also look ahead. So while they continue to produce Dolcetto and Barbera to stay true to their territorial wines, they also produce Chardonnay and Pinot Nero for their unique, intriguing and elegant Bera Brut Alta Langa.

The Bera Brut Alta Langa is a sparkling wine, it is the result of the respect of the territory, the daily work and care of the vineyards, culture, history, traditions but also of memories, emotions and passions of the BERA family.