Banfi Piemonte

Banfi Piemonte, the progeny of Piedmontese sparkling wine tradition and Tuscan winemaking experience, is a jewel in the crown of southern Piedmont’s most valuated appellation.

In 1979, just over one year after John and Harry Mariani founded Castello Banfi vineyard estate in Montalcino, they acquired the historical winery known as Bruzzone. The estate, situated between the cities of Novi Ligure and Acqui, lies across 50 hectares of land, 46 of which are dedicated to noble vines.

Banfi Piemonte has reflected constant growth from the beginning, guided by a vocation to combine authenticity and innovation in producing sparkling wines of the highest quality. The wisdom of this choice has been confirmed by gratifying results, above all by the wines made with the Metodo Classico as well as those vinified by Charmat.

The heart of our cellars is dedicated to the Alta Langa production. Row upon row, inverted bottles rest on pupitres as the yeast inside collects and imparts character to the wine.
This is the beginning of the story of our Cuvée Aurora Brut, Cuvée Aurora Rosé and Cuvée Aurora Riserva 100 mesi that are produced in the cellars located in the town of Strevi.