Alice Bel Colle

The Alice Bel Colle winery, a cooperative reality founded in 1955, is located in the charming homonymous village of the Alto Monferrato Acquese, perched on the top of a beautiful hill.

There are 100 members and they consider themselves as “a family of winemakers together”. They have the clear goal of enhancing some vineyards that are symbol of Piedmont.
The company, coordinated by President Claudio Negrino and Vice-president Bruno Roffredo, has 350 hectares that completely surround the small town of Alice, giving life to the most impressive panoramic viewpoint of Monferrato.
The Alice Bel Colle wines are recognizable thanks to their intense aromas that come from the white limestone soils, the microclimate and the cellar processing that maintain the integrity of the fruit.
The total production is around 150,000 bottles per year.