F.lli GanciaIt is possible to fully appreciate the Gancia sparkling wines only if we deeply understand the indivisible bond of this historic brand with its native lands.

Gancia was founded in 1850 by Carlo Gancia, the creator of the first Italian Metodo Classico sparkling wine. Tireless and enthusiastic lover of all researches in the field of wine, Carlo Gancia creates an indivisible bond between the brand and the Piedmontese lands, an ideal place for growing muscat grapes, pinot and chardonnay, thus starting an exciting work of research and experimentation, which is the basis of his vocation for excellence and talent in making quality sparkling wine.

Gancia is not only sparkling wine, Gancia is a place to visit and live, where the passion for the vineyards has linked for over 160 years, people, hills and great quality products. It is also a great place that encounters the beauty of the Piedmont areas of the Langhe and Monferrato, in the fascinating and ancient historical Cellars, where pressing of the grapes, vinification, ageing and the Metodo Classico sparkling wine process take place.

These Cellars have existed for more than two centuries in Canelli, where they unwind underground and for their uniqueness and excellence they are candidate in the list of World Heritage sites protected by UNESCO. Today, as in old times, this talent is always unchanged, the talent of the inventor of the first Italian sparkling wine.

This is Gancia.

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