FontanafreddaIn the heart of the Langhe, a world of hills dating back to ancient times and a winery that can boast 155 years of history, made up of work, passion, respect for the land and culture of taste; a history which continues to be made today, along the path set for so many years, towards other new important goals.

The estate’s noble past is still evident at Fontanafredda today in the hunting lodge, hamlet, extensive cellars and vineyards, but it continues to innovate and experiment, perfecting what nature and history have handed down. This is why, in the Langhe, where the landscape is marked by the vines and wines that have linked generations down the years, Fontanafredda continues to stand out as a point of reference: the expression of a wine culture that stems from the land and the vineyard, and matures through the work and creativity of men.

In the multifaceted and immense memory of Fontanafredda, two separate entities overlap. A small rural community set amidst the splendid hills of the Langhe and the entrepreneurial activity of a great winemaking estate, the wines of which grace tables all over the world. Both are excellent protagonists of historical events between the 19th and 20th centuries.
Fontanafredda, with the cultural activities of the E. di Mirafiore Foundation, development projects pursued by the estate with respect for the environment and the presence of tourists attracted by the beauty offered by nature and splendid Hospitality structures, is still a real community. A constantly evolving world which perfectly preserves the evidence of a prestigious past.


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