Store Alta Langa in a cool, dry and possibly airy environment.

An underground cellar offers the best storing conditions: temperature is constant (ideally 12-14°C), free of bad smells and above its semi-darkness, if not total darkness, will protect against the oxidation effects of light. In short, a bottle of spumante Alta Langa finds its ideal storage place in a quiet, almost insulated environment. In addition, the bottle must be kept in a horizontal position so that it may continue resting until it is time to uncork it to accompany the lively moments of a toast or a meal. It must absolutely not be kept in an upright position, as the cork will tend to dry up with the subsequent loss of pressure, and therefore serious damage of its content.


Here are some important pointers to follow when serving Alta Langa Docg. First of all the serving temperature should be 8-10°C. An ice bucket can be used or an adequate period of time in the fridge.
When uncorking the bottle, refrain from the so-called “botto” (cork popping): hold the bottle in an inclined position and rotate the cork slowly in order to ease it out gently. Continue holding the bottle inclined until all the superficial gas has escaped.


Traditional pairings

Gathering at the dinner table usually pairs nicely with the people’s good mood and passion for the genuine things. On the other hand, it is not as enjoyable when people are detached and don’t know how to happily take part in the convivial moments. Spumante Alta Langa is ideal for aperitifs but also during a meal, in its white and rosé variants.
Amongst the appetizers, Alta Langa Spumante Traditional Method will pair elegantly with a series of fish and seafood dishes – salmon prepared in different ways, seafood salad, ostrich, sturgeon, smoked or regular trout, and so on.
As for main course, here are the suggested pairings: risotto and long pasta with vegetables and fish or truffle; fish or meat entreés; braised or stewed red meats can be enjoyed with a well-structured Vintage Alta Langa rosé.

Unconventional pairings

If you feel like being creative, you can also enjoy Alta Langa in a series of less conventional pairings: a marvelous dish of cotechino with lentils can be matched with Alta Langa rosé, as well as a traditional fondue or one of the many vegetable flans.
Alta Langa will go greatly with mixed fried fish or vegetables, as well as some appetizing grilled fish and vegetables – both pairings not to be missed. Amongst the cheeses, Parmigiano is a prestigious protagonist that can be paired with Alta Langa.

One thing is certain: Alta Langa is not only to be enjoyed on special occasions or official events.