“Grande” (great) is the unique and exclusive glass, designed by Giugiaro Design – Italdesign for Alta Langa Docg capable of exalting its smell, perlage and great charm.

The wine glass exclusively designed for Consorzio Alta Langa was presented at Fontanafredda on 21 November 2012, during the Communication Project “Piedmontese Pride” which includes a series of local and international events aimed at promoting the prestigious Piedmontese vintage spumante traditional method.


Since excellence attracts excellence, the project’s highlight was the collaboration of Consorzio di Tutela with Giugiaro Design to create “Grande”, a magnificent wine glass, exclusively designed for Alta Langa.

At the Foundation Mirafiore, Sir Giorgetto Giugiaro himself has illustrated the various steps undertaken during the creation of this glass, a proper designer object, as well as its characteristics: a narrow base to facilitate bursting of the bubbles towards the top of the glass, where it widens to enhance the scents of the wine.
To complete the glass is a spiral engraving on the stem for easy grip in order not to place fingers or the whole hand under the bowl and on foot, – beside the producer’s brand, the German Spiegelau – characterized by a particular shaping of the glass reminding of the gentle hills of Piedmont, is located the signature “Giugiaro for Alta Langa” to make “Grande” a truly unique and exclusive glass.